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1. What is Maryland Judiciary Case Search?
Maryland Judiciary Case Search provides public Internet access to information from case records maintained by the Maryland Judiciary. In January 2006 Phase I of CaseSearch was introduced to satisfy information requests commonly received in the court clerks’ offices. This information includes defendant name, city and state, case number, date of birth, plaintiff name (civil cases only), trial date, charge, and case disposition.


2. What cases are available on CaseSearch?
Maryland District Court traffic, criminal, and civil cases and Maryland Circuit Court criminal and civil cases are available. Circuit court case information for Montgomery and Prince George’s counties is not available at this time. The amount of historical data may vary by jurisdiction based on when an automated case management system was deployed in that jurisdiction and how the system has evolved.


3. How current is the data on CaseSearch?
Updates to the information in the circuit courts will be reflected almost immediately. District Court data is current as of the date and time indicated on the “Case Display” screen.


4. I want to verify a trial date, but I am not the defendant and do not remember the defendant’s name.
CaseSearch allows you to search for a case by related names (attorney, plaintiff, or witness). However, the “Case Detail” screen will only show information pertaining to the defendant in the case, with the exception of civil cases, which will show defendant and plaintiff information.


5. How do I obtain additional case information?
You can obtain additional case information at the courthouse in which the case resides. For courthouse locations and contact information please visit: Circuit Court Locations: District Court Locations:


6. I keep getting the message: "The result set exceeds the limit of 500 records. Please narrow your search.” CaseSearch only provides the first 500 cases from a search. Narrow your search (e.g. date range, first name, etc.) to be certain you obtain the case information you want.


7. I believe some information is inaccurate. Whom do I notify?
If you believe information provided is inaccurate, please send written notice to the court where the original record was created or filed. For courthouse locations and contact information, please visit: Circuit Court Locations: District Court Locations:
Note: Requests for corrections will not be accepted by telephone.


8. I don’t understand some of the legal words written in the case results. Where can I get help?
If you do not understand legal terminology within a case or the jurisdiction of the court, you may visit the Judiciary’s FAQ page at or consult someone with a legal background.


9. Are there plans to provide additional information, and if so, is there a timeframe?
Case availability (in particular, circuit court case information for Montgomery and Prince George’s counties), and improved timeliness of information updates are some of the features expected in 2006.


10. Will CaseSearch displace existing access methods? Will I be notified?
No, current access methods will remain (e.g. the dial-up system (see reference link below), public access courthouse terminals, in person at court locations throughout the state), although the dial-up system will be discontinued as CaseSearch functionality expands. Advance notice will be provided prior to terminating any system or method.
Dial-up reference link:


11. How far back can you inquire about cases in casesearch?
District Court
District Court Criminal Late 1991
District Court Civil 1989 ( some cases are in history database and are unavailable)
District Court Traffic is production active cases and closed cases until they are 4 months old. At any time a historic case can be pulled back to production by the clerks office, at which time it will again remain for 4 months
Circuit Court
Allegany County Civil 06/02/1997 Criminal 09/07/1999
Baltimore City Civil 11/23/1998 Asbestos 12/23/1998
Baltimore County Civil 06/01/1995 Criminal June 1984
Calvert County Civil 10/06/1997 Criminal 04/10/2000
Caroline County Civil 10/01/1998 Criminal 10/10/2000
Carroll County Civil 08/26/2002 

(case tracking to 1991)

Criminal 12/09/2002

 (Case tracking back to 1990)

Cecil County Civil 06/03/1998 Criminal 04/12/2000
Charles County Civil 08/23/1996 Criminal 10/26/1998
Dorchester County Civil 03/24/1998 Criminal 09/11/2000
Frederick County Civil 02/09/1998 Criminal 03/13/2000
Garrett County Civil 11/03/1997 Criminal 10/04/1999
Harford County Civil 05/04/1998 Criminal 06/21/1999
Howard County Civil 04/23/1997 Criminal 05/04/1999
Kent County Civil 08/03/1998 Criminal 05/08/2000
Queen Anne's County Civil 03/29/1999 Criminal 12/04/2000
Saint Mary's County Civil 07/01/1997 Criminal 03/06/2000
Somerset County Civil 02/16/1999 Criminal 12/11/2000
Talbot County Civil 03/30/1998 Criminal 06/26/2000
Washington County Civil 07/17/1997 Criminal 11/01/1999
Wicomico County Civil 10/14/1997 Criminal 08/07/2000
Worcester County Civil 11/16/1998 Criminal 10/23/2000


12. How do I remove a criminal record from casesearch?
You may obtain information on removing criminal cases by visiting

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